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Managed Web Hosting by Liquid Web

I offer Business Class hosting to my web design customers, and 10% of my website customers use my LiquidWeb server for their hosting. They start at $14.95 per month.

Resellers like me lack a key ingredient: 24/7 phone or email support. This is cause I sleep you know.

You may need 24/7 support, and if you do, I recommend LiquidWeb as your host.  They have 24-7 telephone and email and chat support. I use them for my LARGE clients website's, and I recommend what I use, and pay for!

NOTE: LiquidWeb is for large websites (50+ pages) or sites with forums, sites that use lots of scripts, sites that have lots interactive features, social media, etc.

If you are NOT this advanced type level customer, but a smaller "business card" customer, I reccomend Site 5 hosting.

Feel free to contact me if your unsure of which one to choose.

Shared hosting

Their $15-$25 shared hosting accounts are "Top of the Line" web hosting. 24/7 phone or email support . I've never had a site down for more than a few minutes, and that is very rarely.

This level comes with LiquidWeb's outstanding user support, phone and email, 24/7, the same support for the next offer.

Dedicated Servers

Managed Web Hosting by Liquid Web

Reseller Hosting

For the webmaster looking to resell like me. This multiple domain Reseller server its what I have and buy from, and how I host all my customers. I believe in what I push, that's why I buy it!  This is ONLY for people who want to get into the web-hosting business. 24/7 phone or email support .

Note: not for the hosting beginner.

Managed Dedicated Servers Linix & Windows

For the MUST BE UP, very busy, huge website's with tons of traffic, or PCI compliant Ecommerce website's. This is serious hosting, for serious businesses that don't want to be an a "shared server" and don't want ANY downtime!

This is serious Business Level hosting, not for neophytes, and level 3 engineer support, our 24/7 phone or email support.

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